Personal Investment Plan

Company: Erste Bank / George Labs
Role: Senior Product Designer
Year: 2021 / 2022

An investment flow for mass-market users offering theme-based funds like Global, Sustainability, Innovation and Real Assets. The typical customer would be a beginner investor — someone who kept their wealth in a savings account rather than investing it. The biggest challenge was aligning the business requirements and technical constrains of multiple different countries in order to deliver a consistent experience.

1 Benefits
2 Theme List
3 Theme Detail
4 Amount Initial
5 Amount Bottom Sheet
6 Amount Calculator
7 Questionnaire Start
8 Questionnaire Question
9 Questionnaire Success
10 Fund List
11 Fund Detail 1
12 Fund Detail
13 Day Selection
14 Portfolio Selection
15 Account Selection
16 Review Theme
17 Review Documents
18 Success

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